The main objective of SIHRA is to encourage, promote and protect the interests of member establishments. It has been rendering professional advice and assistance from time to time to all its members on topics of vital importance.

As a Trade Association, SIHRA is the voice of the Hospitality industry in South India, represents to the respective State Governments on matters that adversely affect the business interests of the industry and also offers well-considered opinions and perspectives for meaningful solutions. The Association also acts as an Advisory body for the Tourism policies of the Southern States and interacts at appropriate forums regularly with Tourism Departments, Municipal Corporations, Tax Authorities and other such Government offices on behalf of the fraternity’s interests
SIHRA’s other salient objectives as encapsulated in its Articles of Association are:

  • To enquire into, adjust and settle disputes or controversies among the members of the Association
  • To collect and disseminate, statistical and other information
  • To print, publish, issue and circulate papers, periodicals, books, circulars, and pamphlets
  • Render legal advice to its members whenever necessary
  • Offers free consultancy services for new projects and render assistance for Classification
  • Conducts Professional Development Programs and Workshops to further enhance the existing professional knowledge and productivity skills of the staff of Member establishments to enable them keep pace with the rapid developments in the Hospitality Industry
  • Knowledge enriching books including Industry related books, various State Laws, Periodicals & Magazines available at the library present in the Association’s Office at Chennai

The Association renders advice to its members on matters related to the mandatory operational requirements and for Classification of their hotels. The Secretariat of the Association is manned by professionals and equipped with facilities required by the Industry; provides to members information on various aspects such as applicability of Laws, Tax matters, Labour, Liaison with Tourism Departments etc. It issues from time to time circulars concerning Hospitality Industry. Periodical Meetings are held on subjects of topical interest. The Association convenes Regional and National Conventions to deliberate on matters related to the Hospitality Industry. SIHRA conducts Professional Development Programs for its members.